2018 ILWOCP Art Show

The 2018 ILWOCP Art Show will be October 10 and 11 at the Chateau in Bloomington, IL.

Jewelry Sale – Sharon Luster, Illinois Valley

Market Place Chair – Nancy Dutour, Kankakee Valley

History Yearbooks – Chris Aleshire, Illinois Valley

Wednesday Luncheon – 

Wednesday Dinner – 

Thursday Luncheon – 

Guild Displays – Karen Wiegand, Illinois Valley Porcelain Art Guild

Historian – Linda Schneeman, China Ladies

Memorial & Junior – Karen Wiegand, Illinois Valley Porcelain Art Guild

Museum Displays – Karen Wiegand, Illinois Valley Porcelain Art Guild

Website – Carol Schneider,  Petal by Petal

 Art Show Information

  • Market Place – Members are encouraged to donate at least one item (baskets, wreaths, centerpieces, etc.) for the Market Place. Be creative! Create something that everyone wants to buy.
  • Guild Members – please bring any gently used pre-loved jewelry to the next Board Meeting. Jewelry will be displayed at the Art Show and reasonably priced.
  • Guild Members are asked to donated a hand-painted piece for the Art Show. If a piece sells, it’s gone. If any piece does not sell, the artist will get that piece back. Artists can decide what they want to do with their pieces that have not sold. This is not an auction.
  • There will be a China Doctor at the Art Show. If you need help deciding what to do next with your piece – these talented artists will be available to assist you with your china painted pieces.